Learning at MBGS

At Mount Banyan Global School, we believe Pre-Primary (Play School, Nursery, PP1 , PP2) education is all about stimulating the learner’s senses.

Our state of the art infrastructure and unique teaching methodology allow us to help children develop their senses by means of interactive puzzles, group exercises and object manipulation. These activities are supplemented with standard checks and basic tests to ensure academic progress.



Children aged two and half to five and half are placed in groups of approximately 20 children each class, where they are slowly familiarized with everyday school life.

Each group is supervised by a team of well trained and qualified Prep teaching staff who are in regular contact with the primary school teachers to prepare the kids for the future grades.



For grades I to V, we maintain a teacher: student ratio of 1:25 to ensure that each child is given personal care and attention. Each group is supervised by a team of teaching staff that is in regular contact with the Head school teachers.

They are taught to not just learn concepts but they are allowed and encouraged to explore and learn.


Daily Routine

At the pre-primary level, we take a playful and flexible approach to the daily routine, while still teaching the children to focus on tasks for extended periods of time.

At primary level, we encourage conceptual and practical approach to make learning more fun and impacting.

We schedule the day of primary students in a way that they get time to explore and learn different concepts over time through our My Way learning methodology – where kids learn the concepts in their own way.