The mind, body, soul approach

Holistic education encompasses nurturing the mind, body and soul.  At Mount Banyan Global School, we try and feed all three. We strongly believe that academic and personal growth remain incomplete unless the mind, body, and soul are fuelled. Keeping this approach in mind, we have developed our curriculum and the routine of our students in such a way that all these 3 facets of Human development are ignited and nurtured on a day-to-day basis.



We believe in empowering our students by helping them learn to learn. And this empowerment will not be limited to their school life alone but will stay with them throughout. We strongly want the natural intelligence of our students to be sharpened and preserved.



For educators, mindfulness can decrease burnout and foster wellbeing. When taught to students, mindfulness supports more relaxed and regulated learners.


Mindfulness supports happiness and emotional balance for both educators and students while developing resilience to the numerous pressures of live.


Mindfulness strengthens attention and limits distractibility, helping us stay attuned to what is happening in the present moment and building productivity.


Mindfulness supports the development of kindness and understanding while limiting bias and assumptions.


Train with experts in the mindfulness and social and emotional learning fields and learn best practices for sharing these


Join and inspiring community of fellow educators committed to compassionate teaching.


Learning through sports is not just part of our education methodology, it’s another main stream of social and practical education.

We use sports as a tool to build skills, developmental assets and a wide range of values including fairness, team building, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect.

Sport has the power to provide a universal framework for learning values, thus contributing to the development of soft skills needed for responsible citizenship.  We believe in learning through sports and skill building through sports.


We want children to be healthy and happy, not just now but for the rest of their lives. And teaching them the art of meditation at such a tender age will help them stay calm, happy and in a healthy space of mind.

Meditation helps strengthen moral purpose and ability to make the right (and sometimes tough) decisions.

Creating positive beliefs about what can be achieved helps students realize their own strengths and capabilities.

To nurture the soul, we also try embedding new positive behaviors that support the development of excellence in oneself and others.

Through a range of leadership workshops focusing on resilience, positive-psychology, inter and intra-personal relationships and our values, we help students let go of the false belief that well-being is optional and only something to be considered when there is crisis.

Students are encouraged to believe that self-care and attention to their inner most needs are integral to being able to thrive as school leaders.

By nurturing these three facets of human existence, we try developing individuals to become well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.